A good day for Kosova in Washington – but there is a lot left to do

Harry Bajraktari

With Israel, President Trump delivered an important and crucial recognition


By Harry Bajraktari

The meeting today in the White House was encouraging.
Kosova made it to the Oval Office and to the agenda of President Trump, where it was treated as an independent country.
The most important achievement of the day was the recognition from Israel that represents a bitter defeat for the Serbian diplomacy. This took by surprise almost everyone, but credit to President Trump who delivered an important and crucial recognition.
Today’s agreement left many issues open, but it paved the way for more American economic investments and engagement in the region, which is always good for Kosova and Albanians in general.
The document that was signed separately by Kosova and Serbia was also a defeat for the Russian and Chinese interests in the region. Serbia agreed to limit 5G technology sources, which has the potential to leave China out and will diversify energy sources against the wishes of Russia.
There will be no end to this conflict until Serbia recognizes Kosova. As congressman Engel said, political conflicts need political solutions. We should not stop working until we achieve complete recognition. Other issues like the one about justice for the victims of Milosevic regime was also ignored. A study will be conducted for the fate of Lake Ujmani, which may open the way for sharing rights with Serbia. This too remains to be decided, so Kosova will to watch out where it will lead.
However, as whole this agreement seems like a step in the right direction. The shortcomings show only that Kosova has a lot of work to do going forward.
We have to engage with our American friends in implementing the agreement carefully and help them understand the reality in the region.
The United States remains our strongest ally in the world and the greatest supporter of Kosova’s independence. I wish Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti had underlined this more during his short speech in the White House. But, I applaud his decision to engage in the process and sign the document.
It is also the time for our community to resume our work in Washington and help strengthen the friendship and the relationship between the Albanian nation and the American people.