A Great Friend Comes to Visit

It was an honor to have Chairman Eliot Engel of the House Foreign Affairs Committee visit my office in Westchester, yesterday, August 27th.
Our friendship and work on Kosova, Albania, and many causes related to the Albanian nation spans over three decades now.
His visit was a nice surprise and gave us a chance to sit down and discuss a variety of topics from the COVID-19 epidemics to Kosova, the Balkans, politics in America, etc.
We reminisced about some of our trips in the past, especially the one in 2016 that took us to Lezha, Albania first and then to Vatican for the canonization of Mother. During that trip Engel received the title Honorary Citizen of Lezha by Mayor Fran Frroku. We spoke about Mother Teresa, Scanderbeg and the importance of the Convention of Lezha in Albanian history.
Congressman Engel is great personal friend to me, but he is also a great friend of our community and of the Albanian nation. We remain forever grateful for his historic contribution.

Harry Bajraktari