A group of Albanian-Americans endorse Donald Trump for President, form a Diaspora Council

Today, over half a million Americans claim Albanian heritage, linked by a shared sense of entrepreneurship and tradition as instilled in our great country, the United States. Albanian-Americans helped build America and enriched our culture since the arrival of the first Albanians on American soil in the 1800s. This deep bond between the United States and the Albanian people continues today, a long-lasting relationship based on mutual respect and shared values.

We, the undersigned, endorse Donald J. Trump for President of the United States for his re-election in November 2020. Donald J. Trump has demonstrated throughout his business career great support for the Albanian people, whether through his hotel enterprises or via other business sectors. This is while the contributions of Albanian-Americans have continuously added to the arts, business, education, and public service fields and scientific and technological advancements of America. Donald J. Trump has inspired immigrant Albanian families living in New York by sharing that the American Dream is one that can be achieved with hard work and an unrelenting pursuit of success.

After a long-repressive communist regime, U.S. and Albania’s relations have prospered and grown, and Albania is today one of America’s staunchest allies. Today, we Albanian-Americans, regardless of the political party or religious beliefs are strong champions of economic and individual freedoms. Given Albania’s experience with communism and most recently socialist governments, we believe that the U.S. Constitution is the best political charter yet created by men for governing themselves. It is our belief that the U.S. Constitution is designed to guarantee the free exercise of the inherent rights and individual freedoms through strictly limiting the power of government. Donald J. Trump stands for these same conservative values that Albanians continue to uphold.

Sadly, despite achieving its independence and with a strong desire to fully grow into the community of nations, the issues Kosova faces remained stalled for 8 years due to the failed policies of the Obama-Biden administration. Unlike his career-politician opponents, Donald J. Trump has proven that he is the candidate who can best secure our freedoms in America but also be close to the Albanian people. Through his leadership, President Trump has taken concrete steps that will now bring the Kosova issue closer to a permanent resolution, so as to finally ensure long-lasting peace in the Balkans.

We endorse Donald J. Trump because of his decades-long consistent leadership in supporting the “America First” policy approach to achieve results for the American people. As Albanian-Americans who share the same values and freedoms, we proudly honor and celebrate this nation’s prosperity. For all these reasons and more, we endorse Donald J. Trump for President to finish the job that he has started and to bring our country to complete economic recovery and fully develop America as the strongest nation on Earth.

Abdyraman Isai

Abdyraman Mehmeti

Adam Iljazi

Admir Nokshiqi

Agim Sherifi

Agron Sherifi

Ajrije Sherifi

Albert Veliu

Aleksander Lleshi

Altin Plasa

Amir Iljazi

Anthony Perdoda

Arben Iljazi

Arbena Bal

Astrit Lekgegaj

Axhira Sullivan

Bakije Abdullaj

Besim Balla

Besim Durmishi

Besnik Haxhija

Bill Imeri

Blendi Cumani

Bujar Abdullaj

Cezar Ndreu

Daniel Ivezaj

Dervish Abdullaj

Drita Konda

Eduard M. Dilo

Edward Maliqi

Emine Idrizi

Enida Llagami

Erol Bal

Everest Haxhi

Evi Kokalari

Fetije Ismaili

Fetije Ismaili

Fred Backa

Gasper Pashk Lekgega

Hasan Ukperaj

Ilir Namik Preza

Ilir Ademi

Kastriot Qafa

Koço Sterjo

Landi Gegaj

Lavderim Abdullaj

Leke Brisku

Lindita Vukatana

Lirim Mimini

Luan Vukatana

Luljeta Hazis Proko

Luto Begaj

Manusha Qafa

Marie Nushi

Marko Kepi

Maya Daliani

Metat Idrizi

Mevlud Iljazi

Nazire Iljazi

Neim Abdullaj

Nejat Iljazi

Nezijet Iljazi

Nik Beqi

Nik Nikollaj

Nikolas Mirakaj Alempijevic

Nikolin Stojani

Nikolle Qafa

Perparim Abdullaj

Peter Lumaj

Peter Qafa

Pjeter Gjelaj

Robert Gjonaj

Sabrie Balla

Saimir Rexhepaga

Sami Milloshi

Shemzi Balla

Shpresa Abdullaj

Simon Qafa

Valentin Lumaj

Xhevat Prespa

Ylldes Zeneli

Zef Nacaj

Zef Qafa


About the Albanian Diaspora Council

The mission of the Albanian Diaspora Council is to strengthen and promote conditions for a strong market economy in Albania and democratic governance that provides access to opportunity for all segments of society.

We acknowledge that there is a vacuum within the vast Albanian diaspora in North America to represent our values and policy positions in public forums. To this end, our role is to serve as an advisory bridge between policymakers in the United States and Albania.

We envision a more prosperous, engaged, and entrepreneurial society, where leaders think more innovatively and lead responsibly. Our purpose is to educate voters, office-holders, and civil society as to why our values and principles work better to solve problems, as well as to equip them to become better leaders and effective problem-solvers. We will reference the US constitutional model for a civic pathway to help Albania achieve its European aspirations.