AAWO Motrat Qiriazi funds repatriation of Albanian dad who died of coronavirus in New York

May 4, 2020 – The body of Agron Vraja will finally be repatriated in a flight leaving tonight from New York City.
AAWO Motrat Qiriazi was able to collect $4,000 in donations and AAWO direct contribution to pay for part of the funeral expenses.
The repatriation could not have been possible without the work of Ambassador Floreta Luli-Faber and Consul Najada Sojli who have been assisting with preparing the documentation and numerous phone calls to arrange for flying the body in this time of crisis.
Thank you to the leadership of AAWO and President Beti Beno, Esq #IsidorosBetiTsamblakos, for once again taking the lead and coming through in this time of world pandemic crisis and render support. Thank you to the community members who responded to the call for help. We wish everyone and their families stay healthy and safe.

AAWO Board of Directors
New York, May 4, 2020