Albania is in danger!


Prof. Sami Repishti

To All US Citizens of Albanian Extraction!
To All Albanian Citizens Presently Living in the United States !
To All American Citizens friends of Albania!

Good morning!
Today, Albania is in danger! Facing a self-inflicted conflict originating by the excessive partisanship of the two major political parties, Albania is calling:
Please, help us before we destroy our own country! We should answer: YES!
By Presidential decree, local elections were to be held on June 30, 2019. For lack of trust on the part of the opposing Democratic Party, fearing election-rigging for good reasons, irregularities, stealing and buying of votes, a practice confirmed by outside observers, the PD refuses to participate, counter-offering to change the Government of E. Rama and replace it with a technical government- which excluded him. The leader of the Socialist Party refused, thus becoming the target of the opposition attacks. Considering the gravity of the situation, the President of the Republic cancelled the date, and fixed a new date, October 13, 2019, requesting from the two parties to enter into new negotiations. Mr. Rama refused net. The leader of the PD, L. Basha, insisted on his opposition. No compromise was reached, as the country faces a confrontation that does not exclude bloodshed.
That’s terrible! We should not allow it! On June 23, 2019, the Catholic Church of Albania declared a day of prayers for all churches and dioceses, to help the difficult situation”….praying that God may enlighten the minds of the leaders responsible”.
Bad news reach us day after day, Yesterday, it was announced that 26 percent of the Albania’s population are asking to emigrate from Albania. In the eyes of he normal people this is the final punch affecting Albanians as a result of bad government. We have now in Albania domestic political radicalism, social unrest, institutional fragility. Trust in the political parties has been the first victim, opening the door to a militancy that predominates, affecting leaders’ decisions.
The PD has abandoned the Parliament and chosen the street to protest. Both political parties are engaged in a struggle to replace each other in leading a Government, where the leaders enjoy an unchecked authority. Some results are:
– a regional instability will be created, affecting Kosova and N. Macedonia-
– closing the door to Albania’s membership to the EU, and the reputation of Albania deeply affected as a country that does not belong to Europe.
– Entering a new phase of political chaos with unpredictable consequences;
– Opening a window for Russian interference
– Economic decline, social unrest, and deeper division of our wounded country
Today, is urgently needed a firmer diplomatic initiative by the international community pushing both sides towards dialogue, by avoiding venomous speeches and reigning on militants – by excluding them!
WE IMPLORE one and each one of you to visit, call on the phone, email, fax and use of all means of communication available, with your representatives in the US Government and ask for their contribution to prevent a civil war and bring peace to the country of our fathers—Now and until we succeed!
“Blessed are the peacemakers!” Thank you!
June 17,2019
Sami Repishti, Ph.D. Univ. of Paris and Graduate Center of C.U.N.Y.(retired)
Co-founder and First President, National Albanian American Council