America moves forward

Harry Bajraktari

By Harry Bajraktari

The Inauguration Day is always a moment of pride in the United States of America.
This year as well, despite the strong debates over the election of November 3rd, America moved forward.
Today we witnessed another democratic transfer of power, another lesson from the greatest democracy in the world.
I wish success to President Joe Biden and the new administration. I hope that President Biden will bring prosperity and stability to our nation.
I wish all the best to outgoing President Donald Trump and success in his future endeavors.
America opens today a new chapter, with a new hope and a new faith in the future.
The new US President, Joe Biden, is well-known to the Albanian-American community. He has supported the intervention by NATO in Kosova, which ended the war and liberated the country. He has been a strong supporter of Kosova’s independence and has made several visits there.
The new Secretary of State, Antony Blinken and many officials in the new administration have good knowledge and understanding of Kosova and the Balkans.
That is why I hope that the Biden Administration will help Kosova move forward. US should help Kosova become part of NATO as soon as possible – it is the only country in the region that has not been given a roadmap to NATO’s membership. The new administration can push EU to fulfill its promise and award the long-due free-visa status to Kosova.
President Biden should promote democracy and freedom in Albania, and in all the countries of the region where Albanians live. Peace and stability should become permanent in the Balkans.
In his speech today, President Biden promised that America will rise to stand once again “as a beacon to the world.” Albanians with their tragic history know more than many others how important American leadership is in the Balkans and in the world.
Our prayers and thoughts are with you now Mr. President. God bless our great American nation!


Harry Bajraktari is founder and publisher of Illyria newspaper (1991-1998), an Albanian-American community leader, philanthropist and recipient of many awards, including the Honor of the Nation Order by the President of Albania, Kosova’s Presidential Medal for Merits & the White House Presidential Call to Service Award.