An emotional farewell to Mark

By Arben Dedaj

Mark Millaj

Today we said good bye to a good man. Mark came to this country almost 60 years ago. Was forced to leave behind his birthplace in the highlands of Albania he loved so much….
He met my aunt Leze they got married and started a new life in the US. Two refugees, two orphans came to this country with nothing but they did good , my aunt and Mark.
They build a modest life here, honest life. Worked hard. Raised three beautiful daughters who also raised some beautiful families of their own. Those grandkids made my aunt and Mark so proud. Those grandkids took turns at the hospital to make sure grandpa was never alone in his last moments …. raised well those kids. God bless them.

Mark decided he wanted to go but not before knowing that his youngest daughter is also marrying a great guy as well… I believe it was the way he wanted it…. he will have the best view though, watching from above….

Than my aunt, they don’t make them like her anymore. I am not capable to find the right words in order to express all my admiration for my aunt. What she went through these years. All the care , the love and support she gave her husband, constantly and unconditionally, 24/7, 365. She never allowed for Mark to be away from the home he loved… That’s one on a million marriage… Mark and Leze , two refugees , two orphans with life stories worthy of a Hollywood movie script. Want know what the true meaning of marriage is? Just look at theirs. Simple people but so special, they created their own little miracle… No, they don’t make them like that anymore.

Hard to fight those tears today… at the funeral home, at the church, when we drove near the house Mark loved and worked so hard for and and along with my aunt accomplished your own little miracle, …. and than at the cemetery where uncle Nick’s words that touched everyone….
Rest in peace Mark knowing that you accomplished your mission on this life in a way very few can. your life story is so special its hard to match.

You will be missed Mark!