AUKF Board of Trustees kicked off the annual fundraising campaign with a reception in United States

aukOn December 3, 2016, the Development Committee of the AUKF Board of Trustees held a formal fundraising reception at the home of Chairman Richard Lukaj in Connecticut, USA. Several RIT Kosova™ (A.U.K) Alumni, some who are pursuing further studies in US, joined the event, along with other board members, RIT Kosova™ (A.U.K) President Sharon Y. Hart, and invited guest, including Kosova’s Consul General in US, Ms. Teuta Sahatqija. In this reception, and leading up to this event, the Board of Trustees received pledges of $200,000 from committed board members and friends to support the students of RIT Kosova™ (A.U.K) in pursuing their educational goals. A short story was published by RTV 21 correspondent in US, Mr. Halil Mula and can be found here: A longer video was prepared by “Albanian Culture” Organization and can be found here:

On this occasion, Board Chairmen Mr. Lukaj stated: “One of our great strengths is the enthusiastic, personal involvement of our trustees, administrators, faculty, staff, and alumni in creating a sense of community. We believe that the opportunity for higher education should be available to all who seek it, and the Board of Trustees are working hard in securing significant amounts of financial assistance that is made available annually to our students. We work with generous individuals, corporations, and government agencies to find additional resources to support our students, and we work to assist students to find jobs and student loans to complete their education. With that in mind, I am proud to announce the kick-off of the AUKF Board of Trustees fundraising campaign for this academic year.”

According to RIT Kosova™ (A.U.K) President Sharon Y. Hart “Higher Education has always been the engine of the American dream and it needs to be viewed the same in Kosova as well. Students often require financial assistance to attend our education program. I am glad that our Board has increased its fundraising goal for this year as these additional resources will be greatly welcomed by present or future enrolled students. My role in this process is to create the conditions that attracted significant philanthropic investments in this institution”.

The RIT Kosova™ (A.U.K) is Kosova’s only nonprofit higher education institution which teaches entirely in the English language. It is also the single institution in Kosova whose degrees are accredited and recognized world-wide thanks to the partnership with the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in New York.

RIT Kosova™ (A.U.K) is managed and financially supported by a New York State non-profit trust, the A.U.K. Foundation (AUKF). The A.U.K Foundation is recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. United States taxpayers may deduct contributions to the Foundation from their income taxes to the extent permitted by law. The RIT Kosova™ (A.U.K) is a Kosova NGO with Public Benefit Status, to which Kosova citizens and business may make contributions and deduct them from their taxes to the extent permitted by law.

Friends of RIT Kosova™ (A.U.K) may financially contribute to the work of the university online, using PayPal or a major credit card: