Bayern Munich fans ask UEFA to accept Kosova as a member

Ten minutes before the end of a Champions League match, fans of Bayern, the famous Munich soccer club, unfolded a banner calling on UEFA to accept Kosova as the newest member.
The message “Accept Kosovo in UEFA” was displayed on the north stand of Allianz Arena, during the match between Bayern and Czech Victoria, before security officers ordered for it to be taken down.
Kosova declared independence in 2008, ending almost a century-long colonization by Serbia and has applied for membership to various international organizations including FIFA and UEFA.
However, the two major soccer organizations have tied any new membership to a seat in the United Nations. Serbia’s ally Russia has threatened its veto if Kosova tries to apply for a UN seat, despite the fact that more than 100 countries have recognized the new country.
This situation has left Kosovar soccer cubs and players in a limbo. Many Kosova stars play for other national teams, including Albania, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway etc.

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    Akzeptieren Kosovo in UEFA

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