“Your beards are different from those of our heroes”

War of words between Ramush Haradinaj’s party and the new Islamist movement in Kosova – “Here is a promise to you: There will never be a place in Kosova for fundamentalism”, says the statement of AAK – “Your beards are not the same with those of Ismail Qemali and Adem Jashari”


A reported statement from Ramush Haradinaj produced an exchange of statements between his political party and a nascent Islamist movement in Kosova (Kosovo).
The former Prime Minister reportedly said that he does not respect “bearded scumbags”, his description of the young islamists of Kosova, according to the local media.
Before the accuracy of quote was not verified, came the immediate response from LISBA (Lëvizja Islamike e Kosovës “Bashkohu” – Kosova’s Islamic Movement “Join”), a new and small political party.

LISBA’s statement offered sarcastically to pay for the education of Haradinaj, leader and founder of AAK (Aleanca për Ardhmërinë e Kosov ës – Alliance for the Future of Kosova). It reminded him that all the great personalities of the Albanian national renaissance had beards, including Ismail Qemali, the father of Albania’s independence in 1912 and Adem Jashari, the National Hero of Kosova who died heroically surrounded by Serbian military in 1998.
“LISBA is concerned that such man like Hardinaj, once upon a time, famous in Kosova, is now degrading himself to such extent,” the statement said. It went on to say that LISBA feels pain and mercy for the former commander of the Kosova Liberation Army and is willing to offer him free schooling from “teachers of high level so he can learn the history of his people”.
LISBA also points to the “bearded men” who fought for him during the liberation war and did it for the love of God and country and not as war profiteers, taking a swipe at the AAK leader based on unverified but repeated allegations of corruption against him.
It didn’t take much for AAK to respond on behalf of its leader.
“Your beards are not the same with those of Ismail Qemali and Adem Jashari”, the statement said making a clear divide between the founding patriots in Albania and Kosova who downplayed religion and united Albanians.
“Ismail Qemali, Sami Frashëri, Vaso Pasha, Adem Jashari, Hoxha Tahsini and many other patriots with clean beards used to kiss the flag of Skanderbeg, which you hate,” the statement of AAK said.
The statement also said that Haradinaj would appreciate further education but not in “the school of Abdic and Milosevic”, an allegation that the islamists are doing Serbia’s work in Kosova, dividing Albanians and portraying Kosova’s cause as a religious one.
Advic is a Muslim leader in Bosnia who during the war, who used his immense wealth and local authority to form a small army and to proclaim an autonomous province. He sided with the Serbian military and was later convicted of war crimes against civilians. Milosevic is the notorious fascist dictator of Serbia who started four wars, causing the largest bloodshed in Europe since WWII. He died in The Hague, while in trial for crimes against humanity.
“Islam is 500 years old in Kosova and has lived in perfect harmony with the other religions of Albanians,” AAK’s statement said. “Muslim Albanians don’t need people like those of LISBA to rediscover Islam for them.”
“We can promise you that in Kosova there will never be space for fundamentalism. No fundamentalist movement will be able to uproot traditional Islam in Kosova, not even those schooled by KOS of Serbia like Fuad Ramiqi, who has fought on the side of Fikret Abdic and Milosevic”, the statement of Haradinaj’s political party said.
Fuad Ramiqi is the founder and the main leader of LISBA. His party has been vocal in the media but was nowhere to be seen in the last local elections in Kosova. Its real political weight is probably insignificant.
AAK too was not impressed by its results in the last local elections. Haradinaj’s ambition is to become again Prime Minister, but his party’s influence is strong only in the western part of Kosova and has been unable to succeed elsewhere in the country. (r.a./Illyria)

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  1. Peja says:

    Ma i madhi ne vend eshte Ramush Haradinaj… vetem te ky njeri i drejt i ka shpresat populli…Paq jete te gjate Ramush Haradinaj…

  2. toni says:

    Nuk tolerojme Kriminelet islamike.Nese shteti nuk merre mase do ti likuidojme sepse thjeshte sna duhen.Kosova ka qene e paralajmruar per rritjen e ketij lloji ekstremizmi por Hashim Thaqi I mbylli syte.Le te reagoje tani ose te largohet te le vendin ne duart e sigurta te njeriut qe do ti duhet Kosoves.

  3. Arben Tela says:

    Good fucking job Ramush you set those scumbags straight.We need nationalism not fundamentalism .As a muslim i do not agree in putting religion in politics it has no place .so great job ramush ,spoken as a true ALBANIAN HERO.great job hero god bless you