The Day of Our Lady of Shkodra – April 26th

Lieutenant Colonel Mark D Vickers was the British Defence Attache to Albania, 2005-8, and has retained many links with the... »

A distinctive book about politics and Kosovo’s Public Broadcaster

“Politics and the public media in Kosovo” is a distinctive book that deals with the dependence of the public broadcaster... »

The Sweeping Legacy of First Lady Barbara Bush

Former First Lady Barbara Bush, wife of 41st President George H. W. Bush, passed away in Houston, Texas, on April... »

Albanian Journalistic Code of Ethics revised to reflect the challenges of present times

After months of roundtable discussions and local and international expert work, the Albanian Media Institute in collaboration with the Albanian... »

Nearly one million people became new citizens of EU member states in 2016

Albanians rank second in numbers, among the new EU citizens, after Moroccans while leaving immediately behind Indians, Pakistanis and Turks... »

Celebration of Sultan Nevruz at the First Albanian American Bektashi Teqe

By: Mynyr Z. Nazifi On Sunday March 25th, Bektashis from across North America gathered for the annual Sultan Nevruz celebration... »

Night of Albanian Pearls in NYC raises 13K for the cancer treatment of a Kosova director

Photos from Ilir Rizaj ( Bekim Lumi’s NYC Friends & AAWO Motrat Qiriazi organized a beautiful night of Albanian Music,... »

Dr. Agim Leka served as a role model from every aspect

My name is Lindita Çoku, I am Albanian and cardiothoracic surgeon in US. I have been privileged and honored to... »

Bureau of Intl Narcotics in US praises Colonel Taibe Canolli, of Kosova’s Police

Posted by U.S. Department of State: Bureau of Intl Narcotics & Law Enforcement (INL)   Today INL is pleased to... »

Wonder in Sonder

By Rea KONDI So far the year 2018 has manifested compelling trends of self-expression and empowering movements of speaking out... »

Cultural diplomacy at its best

Moments from the event organized together with great photographer and philanthropist Fadil Berisha at the Mission of Albania to the... »

In Memoriam: A Tribute to Dr. Agim Leka (1924 – 2018) and Elizabeth Leka (1933-2017)

Offered to their sons Donald and Drini and their spouses and family Dr. Agim Leka and his beloved wife Elizabeth... »

Kosova Deserves Our Congratulations and Continued Support

By President Bill Clinton US forces, and meet the local leaders. I also visited an elementary school in Ferizaj. I... »

Kosova’s Declaration of Independence

As adopted by Kosova’s Assembly on February 17, 2008   Convened in an extraordinary meeting on February 17, 2008, in... »

Letters to the Editor – Albanians fight back, defend Kosova’s independence

Published by The Boston Globe – Letter to the editor, February 22, 2008 Kosova was late rather than “too early”... »

US blacklists former Albania Prosecutor General and his family for “significant corruption”

Secretary Tillerson has publicly designated former #Albania Prosecutor General Adriatik Llalla & immediate family members under Sec 7031(c) of FY17... »

Kosova is 10 years old – Forever grateful to the United States of America

Kosova turns 10! We hosted a big celebration for our 10th independence anniversary in Washington, DC. A wonderful night surrounded... »

Staying Connected In The Age of Virtual Reality

We are living in the age of technology and it is amazing how much this has changed our lives and... »

Ten years later, Kosova’s independence remains an irreversible fact

By Vlora Çitaku, Kosova’s Ambassador to the United States of America   Honorable Mister President, Honorable Members of the Security... »

A Trip to Haxhi Bektashi Veli with my Grandson

By Mynyr Nazifi Since first learning as a young child about Haxhi Bektash Veli and his mystic teachings of peace... »

In memoriam of Pashko Gojçaj

By Ruben Avxhiu Pashko Gojçaj is one of the first Albanians I met in America, when I arrived in The... »

Albanian greatest writer Ismail Kadare, winner of Nonino International Prize 2018

MOTIVATION Poet, novelist, essay writer and script writer born in Albania. A Bard fond and critical of his people, between... »

A Quarter-Century After: On Doubting Russian Reform

Originally published June-July 1991 by Stephen Schwartz Arguments and Facts International [Moscow-London] January 7, 2018 [CIP reproduces this text by... »

Deeply concerned by ongoing efforts to undermine the work of the Specialist Chambers

Quint Member States Statement, January 4, 2017 We are deeply concerned by ongoing efforts to undermine the work of the... »


Temperatures forecast in the teens with wind chill values as low as 10 to 15 degrees below through the weekend... »

AAWO Celebrates 2017 Accomplishments with an Evening Marked by Good Music, High Spirits and Old-fashioned Camaraderie

On December 9, 2017, the Albanian American Women’s Organization “Motrat Qirjazi” (AAWO) held its traditional end-of-year holiday celebration and fundraising... »

26 years ago, Congressman Engel: We must support Kosova’s independence!

“My question to the Bush administration is why the double standard? Why does Slovenia, which is 90 percent ethnic Slovenian,... »

Love thy neighbor: why I love Jesus

At these times of crisis of values, Albanians have still not consumed the precious ‘diamond’ of interfaith harmony. For a... »

Corruption is Kosova’s greastest challenge

US Ambassador Delawie’s Interview with KTV,  December 5, 2017   KTV: Welcome to Rubikon Mr. Ambassador. Ambassador Delawie: Thank you Adriatik,... »

Ambassador Delawie Closes Anti-Corruption Week with Quint & EU Counterparts

December 9, 2017 – This week over the course of 35 events and countless debates and discussions, we took a... »