MEPs: Give the EU-candidate status to Albania, without delay

The Committee on Foreign Affairs in the European Parliament also called Kosova’s local elections “a huge step forward for democracy”... »

In the Best Interest of the Children: Grant Albanian Mother Stay in Michigan

“I feel so scared , I haven’t been sleeping the last 3 days . Every minute I keep looking outside... »

Albanian teenager killed in high school shooting

TIRANA, Albania (AP) — Albanian police arrested a 15-year-old boy Wednesday as a suspect in the fatal shooting of another... »

Montenegro police arrest 22 suspected smugglers

PODGORICA, Montenegro (AP) Police in Montenegro say they have arrested 22 people suspected of illegally smuggling hundreds of illegal immigrants... »

100 years ago, the Great Powers approved a king for Albania

The reign of Prince William auf Wied was short, confused and inglorious   Fjollë Bunjaku In the spring of 1914,... »

NAAC applauds the free and fair elections in Kosova

The National Albanian American Council (NAAC) congratulates all of the people of Kosova and its institutions for holding free and... »

AGON: A story that is universally relevant

IndiWire reviews AGON, Albania’s Submission for the Academy Award Nomination for Best Foreign Language Film. “Unknown to most outsiders, the... »

Greek police caught the last three escaped convicts from Albania

The Associated Press THESSALONIKI, Greece — Greek authorities say they have arrested the last three of a group of convicted... »

On Faik Beg Konica (1876-1942) – For Albanian Flag Day 2013

By Stephen Sylejman Schwartz Albanian Flag Day – November 28, 2013 – commemorates the Albanian declaration of independence, proclaimed with... »

Albania 101

What you should know about the brave little great nation of the Balkans as it celebrates the 101-th anniversary of... »

Best wishes to the people of Albania

On the Occasion of Albania’s National Day Press Statement John Kerry Secretary of State Washington, DC November 27, 2013 On... »

4 of 7 inmates who escaped from prison in Albania caught in police hunt

By The Associated Press November 24, 2013 TIRANA, Albania – Albanian police say they have caught four of seven inmates... »

Albania hunts ‘dangerous’ jail-break inmates

A manhunt is under way in Albania after seven prisoners escaped from a high-security jail, officials say. An interior ministry... »

Boxing Champ Elvir Muriqi to fight at Super Brawl January 31, 2014

By Ermira Babamusta On Friday, January 31, 2014 at the Richard J. Codey Arena (named after former Governor of New... »

7 prisoners escape jail compound in southeastern Albania

By The Associated Press November 23, 2013 4:01 PM TIRANA, Albania – Police say seven prisoners have escaped from a... »

Celebrating Albanian Independence Day in Seattle

I am thankful this week for the diversity of cultures we have here in Seattle. A special thanks for Ferhat... »

Albania’s Rejection Leaves Few Options for Syria’s Chemicals Destruction

Several European countries, including Belgium, Germany and Norway, have said they will not destroy Syrian chemical weapons on their soil... »

Albania bids farewell to promising political leader who died in a car crash

One of the most prominent members of the Democratic Party of Albania, in opposition, died yesterday evening in a car... »

The recent elections were an important sign of the maturity of Kosova’s statehood

From September, the Republic of Kosovo has been recognized by another four UN member states, El-Salvador, Grenada, Thailand and Libya,... »

Joseph Finora Writes Murder Mystery Based in Long Island Wine Country Debuts

Red Like Wine, The North Fork Harbor Vineyard Murders by Joseph Finora   [Laurel, NY] Red Like Wine, The North... »

Albania and the extraordinary story of the Jews in our country

In a few words and in many ways unique, Albania, a small Balkan country, not only protected from the Italian... »

On some misconceptions about my 2010 candidacy for Congress

I am writing today to clear up some misconceptions about my 2010 candidacy for Congress in Buffalo. Contrary to rumor,... »

Albanian protest in Times Square turns into celebration

By Ruben Avxhiu What was planned as a protest was converted into a celebration, as hundreds of young Albanian-Americans took... »

Albania said NO to the Syrian chemical weapons

The position of the Prime Minister Rama was weakened after some of his allies, including the speaker of parliament, some... »

The New Yorker of New York – Managing a “little city” in the heart of the big one

President and General Manager Ann Peterson talks about her vision for the famous hotel, which houses several Albanian businesses and... »

Monstrosities: Serbs Used Albanian Victims’ Skulls to Make Table Lamps

“In Yugoslavia, to kill an Albanian is not a crime” (Yugoslavian diplomat, Belgrade, 1970) Note: While reading the following information... »

Angry protests in Albania against plan on Syrian chemical weapons

On Tuesday, for the first time in the history of Albania, there was a protest rally in front of the... »

Kosova Muslim leaders to youths: Don’t go to Syria

PRISHTINA, Kosova (Kosovo) – Kosova’s top Muslim leaders are calling on the country’s youths who have joined rebels in Syria... »

Kosova police arrest 6 terror suspects

Associated Press   PRISHTINA, Kosova (AP) — Six ethnic Albanians suspected of plotting a terrorist attack inspired by extreme Islamist... »

Edi Rama: Beauty is much more intimidating than brutality

Interview with the Prime Minister of Albania by Fareed Zakaria (CNN), during his last visit in New York   ZAKARIA: ... »