CIP Executive Director Schwartz on Antifascist Defense

Speaking on behalf of himself and his family, Center for Islamic Pluralism Executive Director Stephen Suleyman Schwartz has called on Americans to join a broad, activist coalition that will extirpate neofascism from global public life.

Stephen Sylejman Schwartz
Executive Director, Center for Islamic Pluralism


Schwartz argues that this coalition must be non-sectarian, but determined to erase the fascist shadow from the world.

For example, the anarchist collective Anonymous took a worthy and necessary action in hacking and shutting down the Nazi website “Daily Streetwalker.” Such initiatives are not censorship, any more than a shot of penicillin for syphilis is censorship. And fascism is disease, not politics. (This comment in no way should reflect on streetwalkers.)
Steve Emerson, the valiant enemy of radical Islam, issued an inspiring condemnation of the Charlottesville atrocities, declaring, “President Trump’s refusal Saturday to specifically condemn by name… Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazi white supremacists… was morally deficient.
“He spoke of ‘hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides.’ Both sides did include people who showed up armed and looking for a fight, but only one side suffered death and severe injury. Moral equivalency did not belong in that moment. For proof, just read the reaction of white supremacists on social media: they thanked the president profusely for not condemning them by name.

The past as future: Mussolini and “his” Nina, 1945.

Monday’s statement condemning Saturday’s racist, white supremacist provocateurs in Charlottesville seemed begrudging. Yes, he finally did condemn ‘the egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence’ at the ‘Unite the Right‘ protests, and condemned ‘the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups’ involved as thugs. But starting off by citing economic gains was a non-sequitur that appeared to minimize the evil of Americans killing Americans over political differences.

“We believe that the deliberate decision to drive a car into a crowd of protesters was an act of domestic terrorism and the end product of the pure hatred spewed by white nationalists. As the Simon Wiesenthal Center leadership said, ‘This murderous attack, resembles car rammings in Israel and Europe perpetrated by terrorists associated with ISIS and Hamas. It should be treated as a deliberate act of domestic terrorism.'”
“It was clear even before 32-year-old Heather Heyer was struck and killed. Friday night, torch carrying bigots marched on the University of Virginia, making Nazi salutes, chanting ‘Jews will not replace us’ and taunting counter-protesters with racist slurs.
James Alex Fields, Jr., 20, is in custody, currently charged with second-degree murder and other counts. He reportedly self-identified as a Nazi. He allegedly saw a group of people who oppose his ideology and floored his accelerator. That’s political violence. That’s terrorism.”
The London Observer, which is hardly an anarchist periodical, has revealed in a report by a U.S. counter-intelligence officer that fascist toad Richard Spencer (not, we believe, related to Robert Spencer) is the consort of Nina Kupryanova, a Putinista.
CIP has established a liaison with Russian Orthodox Christian believers in America, in solidarity with Christians attacked by ISIS, many of them Orthodox, and for aid to Russian Orthodox believers who seek Putin’s removal. Materials on our efforts on behalf of Arab Christians in Iraq will be distributed soon.
Schwartz comments: “I apologize for the drama, but I come from a family of Celtic revolutionaries and Jewish Holocaust victims, American abolitionists, and veterans of World War II. My uncle was at Bataan, my father served on Tinian when Japan was compelled to surrender, my brother has had a distinguished career in the U.S. military, the family of my son includes combatants against Japan imperialism in Burma and Scandinavians who were torpedoed on the Murmansk run. I have served my country and the cause of freedom as best I knew how.
“There is no debate with fascists. As demanding as it may seem, I call on people of good will everywhere to listen to Franklin Roosevelt’s speech delivered at Charlottesville 78 years ago, on Mussolini’s “stab in the back” against the French Republic. Study the words of our great President.
“Muslims are not the only victims of fascism. Heather Heyer was not a Muslim. Nor were the Portland martyrs. Fascism does not distinguish between Muslims, Jews, Christians, or atheists.
“I say fascism will be returned to history’s zoo, once and for all.”

The fash love to talk about Balkan Muslims as “kebabs” needing removal, i.e. genocide. Well, fash, we have some girls who want to meet you. The Bosnian Muslim women fighters. Want to play?