Dea Dodi represents Albania at UN’s ECOSOC Youth Forum

Statement on Poverty Eradication and SDG 8: Albania, ECOSOC Youth Forum: Original statement is presented as a condensed version in consideration of the limited time for the interactive panel dialogue.


By Dea Dodi
“Thank you to the Chairman for the recognition

Albania would like to thank his Excellency the Secretary General for his continued commitment to the youth and youth works, a commitment that was also encouragingly echoed in his message yesterday.

We also congratulate the several countries present here on their sound efforts to inspire effective youth involvement at the regional and global level.

My question pertains to opportunity of involvement for the youth as it relates to the eradication of cyclical poverty.

Having enacted the National Action Plan for Youth in 2015, Albania has been determined to implement a strategic and detailed plan on youth development that focuses on youth promotion and participation in democratic processes and decision making, youth employment, health, sport and environment, youth education, social protection, as well as culture and voluntarism.

That being said, approximately one quarter of the Albanian population belongs to an age range group between 15-29 years of age, which designates the country as having one of the youngest populations in Europe.

That is one quarter of the population that will contribute to the long term development of the country and the region.

One quarter of the population whose talents and efforts will definitively determine the success of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

In a shared front of achievement with other young people around the world and harboring an extensive potential for growth, our youth are ready to participate in platforms and opportunities that promote socioeconomic independence as well as technological advancement. Specifically, pertaining to employment opportunity and the encouragement of a culture of deep-rooted meritocracy–both of which are aspects that directly relate to SDG goal number 8 on Decent Work and Economic Growth.

But, however eager the youth at large may be to create and innovate, in Albania and elsewhere, there are a few thematic bridges missing that can exponentially assist in translating their ambitions into material reality if constructed: that is experience.

Often times, opportunities of growth or employment require that an individual already have presentable experience. Considering the issue through a global perspective also discussed in the recent breakout sessions on poverty eradication and employment, there are currently 71 million young people who are unemployed. But to gather at least an initial base of involvement–so millions more can also have a fair chance– we ask for your help and support.

How will the youth be able to gather experience, if they are not given a chance to gather an initial experience…

I think the cyclical process that develops is apparent here.

Therefore, this is an open call to increase receptiveness of capable and talented young people in different fields of opportunity.

Because we want to learn from you, and hope that you will teach through example.

Often times we don’t ask for much to begin with either, and we even come prepared with our own computers if possible…

During the continuation of the forum, amidst the new ideas and incentives being thought of and composed, we kindly ask that you keep a few notions and questions in consideration.

The first being the extension of opportunity to an eager and talented youth. And the second being to recognize, in practical terms and in accordance with the availability and use of technology, how will we, as a global community plan on achieving SDG goal number eight in a way that is amicable, inclusive, and empowering for young people?”