Dr. Agim Leka urges Croatia to grant asylum to Ismail Morina, reject extradition to Serbia

Dr. Agim Leka MD

To the ambassador of the Republic of Croatia, Washington D.C.:

Dear Sir,

From the media, I learned that the Albanian Mr. Ismail Morina is under arrest in Croatia as per an extradition request of the Serbian government because, allegedly, he activated a drone with the Albanian flag to fly over the Belgrade Stadium while there was a soccer match in October 2014 between Albania and Serbia. I also understand that the tribunal in Dubrovnik has consented to extradite Mr. Morina to Serbia and that Mr. Morina has asked for political asylum in Croatia.

Recently I wrote to the French ambassador in Washington D.C. regarding a similar case relative to an extradition request by Serbia for Mr. Ramush Haradinaj. The ambassador of France responded to me immediately telling me that he had forwarded my letter and documentation to the competent French authorities. Fortunately, the tribunal in France decided not to honor the extradition request of Serbia because there was not a chance that Mr. Haradinaj would have a fair trial in Serbia.

As a result, Mr. Haradinaj was freed and he is now a contender to become, again, the Prime Minister of Kosovo.

It is to be noted that when the drone appeared over the field of Belgrade Stadium, the Serbian spectators sang the Serbian song which encourages “the killing of the Albanians so that Croatians would remain without brothers.”

It is known that the present government of Serbia has among them individuals that have allegedly committed crimes in the recent ethnic conflict of Yugoslavia. There has been no atonement for such crimes. The eight thousand men that were killed in Srebrenica, the thousands of others killed in Bosnia, Kosovo, Croatia, and elsewhere by order of Serbian military leaders are still waiting for justice.

Therefore, it is logical to assume that Mr. Morina will not get a fair trial in Serbia. Mr. Morina has not committed any crimes other than temporarily disrupting a soccer match which could be interpreted as an unorthodox way of freedom of expression. Given the emotions in the peoples of the Balkans after the Balkan massacres that prompted NATO to intervene and put an end to it, perhaps the compassion of the Albanian-born Mother Teresa, now Saint Teresa, may lead the Croatian authorities to prevent the expected torture for Mr. Morina by denying the Serbian extradition request and granting Mr. Morina the political asylum he is seeking.

The peoples of the Balkans are longing to start a period of cooperation among their nationalities so that their peoples can enjoy the fruits of the European Union and the civilized world.

Sincerely yours,

Agim Leka, M.D.
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