Four Albanian-Americans running for office on November 5

By Ruben Avxhiu


Vedat Gashi is running for a seat on the Westchester County Board of Legislators

Vedat has an incredible life story behind him. He was only 4 when his family was forced to immigrate from Kosova to escape the oppressive Yugoslavian regime of the Socialist League, which treated Albanians as second-class citizens on the wrong side of the curtain during the Cold War.
He and four siblings lived in the Bronx, before moving up to Yorktown a place he now calls home.
A graduate of Lakeland High School, Connecticut College and Seton Hall Law School, Gashi went on to become a successful businessman and a real estate attorney, in Yorktown where he lives with his wife and two children.
He’s a rare candidate for a local position who brings international experience in local government. After the graduation, he helped state-building efforts spearheaded by the United States in the war-torn, Kosova, the country of his birth. “[F]irst through a grant from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and later through the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United Nations, he drafted some foundational legal documents for the youngest republic in Europe, (Kosova declared its independence in 2008), including those needed for establishing the Ministry of Local Government Administration. The United Nations nominated him as Chief Legal Advisor to Kosova’s Prime Minister. (You can read more about his biography here:
He returned to Yorktown after Kosova declared independence, built a local business and worked to improve the life of the community, where he grew up.
Yorktown Supervisor Ilan Gilbert, one of many official, who have endorsed him say to described Vedat Gashi to a local news source as: “a real upcoming talent, demonstrating great knowledge of our town, county and state. He’s a sincere family man and cares deeply about his community. I’m excited to see him focusing his efforts on the people of Westchester and have no doubt he’ll accomplish a great deal.” (
He has certainly impressed many in the Albanian-American community in Westchester and New York and is certainly to have a bright future in front of him.


Buta Biberaj is running for Commonwealth’s Attorney of Loudoun County

She has been a substitute judge for 11 years, during which she presided over hundreds of ccases, criminal and civil, accumulating a wealth of experience.
Notably, Buta Biberaj received a glowing endorsement by the Washington Post. Besides this being a major American newspaper, this endorsement will help also because as the Country Attorney she will serve in the metropolitan area centered on Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States.
Buta Biberaj was born in Montenegro and grew up in The Bronx. She is a daughter of Albanian immigrants. One of her brothers, is Elez Biberaj, Director of EuroAsia Division in the Voice of America.
Buta Biberaj is a principal of the firm Biberaj Snow & Sinclair, PC and has been an attorney in Loudoun County since 1993, when she received her J.D from the George Mason University School of Law. She has also a B.S. in Education, from George Mason University.
She has lived and worked for nearly a quarter of century in Loudoun County and if you needed someone to take a tough case of criminal defense, which many chose not to touch, she was your best choice. Tough, principled, a born fighter, she was the ultimate defender in a trial setting.
This long particular career has taught her everything about the social problems in this county. She is the obvious choice and has received powerful endorsements, including one from Eric Holder, former Attorney General of the United States.
The motto of her campaign is “Justice is Truth in Action!”


Visar Tasimi is running for the Board of Mayor and Burgesses

Son of Albanian immigrants, he is an accomplished young community leader.
He completed his bachelor’s degree a year early, with a 4.0 GPA and has been recognized by the Hartford Business Journal in their “40 Under Forty” Class of 2019. And he is only 30.
The Democrat candidate has already served for two years as a Finance Board member and has excelled in his job.
He has already been giving back to his community in Naugatuck, where he has lived 26 out of 30 years of his life and to the country of his parents, as an advisor for the government and Ministry of Diaspora.
His parents, Tasim and Donika, Visar and his wife, as well as his siblings, they all live in Naugatuck and are passionate about making their county a better place to live. (You can read about his profile more here:
And here’s a powerful endorsement from his state senator, who sees in Visar a force that will only grow in serving his community:

Jetlir Kulla is running for reelection as Alderman for the Fourth District, in Waterbury, Connecticut

Jetlir Kulla

In the last election, he became the first Albanian immigrant to serve on the Waterbury Board of Aldermen. He had a great first term during which he proved himself as a hardworking representative of the East End.
Public service runs in his blood. His fathers served as President of the local Albanian Community Center and of the community board which opened the way for the Annual Albanian Festival, now a growing beautiful tradition that benefits the entire community.
Few people appreciate democracy more than he does. His grandfather, Ajdin Kulla was a teacher who was executed by the communists in 1945 in Albania. Jetlir was born in an internment camp and was not supposed to have future. This all changed when communism collapsed, and his family immigrated to the United States.
He is passionate about his work at the Board and will make his constituents proud.
Jetlir Kulla works as a Sales Operations Manager, at Discount Power in Shelton and has a Bachelor of Science (honors degree), from Charter Oak State College. He is married to Anxhela Kulla.