From Darkness to Light

By Shqipe Malushi


In Prizren, Kosova, there is a woman who lives in a world without color. For her, there is no blue, no green, no orange or red. No purple or turqoise. Not even black. Not even white.

In Prizren, there is a woman who lives in a world without color who has refused to accept darkness, and found light in learning. Fueled by a thirst for knowledge, sustained by a strong work ethic, her light has grown brighter than all the colors combined. Her name is Valmira Berisha.

She is the first blind woman in Kosova to recieve a Bachelors degree and a Master Degree in Law. She is fluent in many languages such as Albanian, Macedonian, and Turkish. “I always wanted to be the first to take flight, to prove that we women with disabilities, although with no eyes to see, can see ahead and become an example of all other young women and men with disabilities to follow the path of the inner light,” she says.

But now, doors have closed for her in Kosova; no one will hire her; no one will support her to continue her education; no one will help her keep her light. Her family is struggling just to survive, relying on a monthly disability check that is less than 150 Euros to sustain her mother, father, her blind younger brother and blind sister, and herself. Valmira dreams of going back to school to finish a PhD in Law, dreams of becoming a professor, but knows her family cannot afford to send her. Today, I am asking you to help Valmira keep her light.

All she needs is $5,335 to cover three years of tuition at the University of Law in Macedonia, for her books and for her transportation. All she needs is $5,335 to fulfill her dreams. All she needs is $5,335 to keep her light. Please, help me help Valmira keep her light. If all of us put a drop in the bucket, the sea of knowledge will open up her.