By Anna DiLellio

I have started this page to help my former student and dear friend Arta Gjemnica bring her tragically ill mother back home to the US as soon as possible.

The Story of Arta’s Mother

This summer, Emine Gjemnica, a healthy and active 63-year-old woman, left her home in Connecticut to visit her family in Kosova, as customary. She had broken her right foot, but undertook the trip on her doctor’s advice, and traveled relatively comfortably with an orthopedic boot. Shortly after arriving in Prishtina on August 6, she began to feel an excruciating pain in her leg and went to the hospital, where the doctors put her in a hard cast. The next day, she suffered a life-threatening blood clot and underwent a thrombectomy.

Hoping to find better care, her family moved her to a hospital in Skopje on August 9, where the doctors urgently performed a second thrombectomy upon arrival. Her suffering continued and on August 10 she had a third thrombectomy. Two days later, the doctors decided that in order to save her life they needed to amputate, which they did, cutting her right leg above the knee. Still in pain, Ms. Gjemnica has been in and out the Intensive Care Unit for two weeks, suffering from more pain and recurring infections. The reasons for her sudden deterioration and current condition are still unknown to the doctors.



As her mother has not been improving in these past three weeks, Arta has been desperate to take her back home to the United States, where she will benefit from better care. But Arta just learned from the doctors in Skopje and upon consultations with American doctors that the only way to get her home is through a medical evacuation at the cost of about 100,000 USD.

The whole family has pitched in and has been paying for the hospital bills, which are running high, but the cost of the transport to the US is prohibitive for them. While Ms. Gjeminca has health insurance in the US, she does not have insurance outside the country, and so no coverage for this event. Her family cannot afford it without your help, which is why I am here to ask you to share this page, spread the word and donate whatever you can to help Arta bring her mother home and give her the care she needs to deal with the tragedy that has befallen her.