His Legacy Was Freedom of his People

By Shqipe Malushi

Today on September 11, 2020 we bid farewell to one of our dearest friends Sylejman Gashi, a journalist, cultural adviser, linguist, patriot and a great human being.
When I think of him I remember us very young in New York trying to make a difference. Trying to adjust in American way of living. He wrote every day and kept telling the stories about our people. He was committed and he worked two three jobs at the same time to support his family. His values were high, he was a dreamer and his biggest passion was freedom of Kosova. We worked together for countless hours writing speeches, attending demonstrations, raising our voices, and he was always at the place where he was needed. I remember him stealing time away time from his family for Kosova’s cause, hoping one day he will make it up to them with the freedom of his people. His values were very high, his expectations also. He was the man of his word, he had dignity, he never backed away from difficulties, and he loved and respected people. He was a man of liberation wanting everyone to be free. I often complained when things became tough, he never did. He was the first intellectual who invited me to write for Illyria newspaper and he always found time to edit my writings that had so many grammar mistakes. We shared our long work hours, he travelled a lot, his children grew up waiting for their father, his wife always patient, kind and supportive stood by us.
Sylejman Gashi you were a true friend whom we trusted, relied on you, and your words soothed every wound. To have known you meant to have loved you. You made us part of your family. We loved you and you loved us. We bid you farewell with broken heart with hope that your spirit is free in heaven and you will continue to watch over us with your love; as you always did.
Our deepest condolences to the family who stoically stood by you waiting for you as always! May their hearts heal with loving memories and feel proud to have had you as a husband and a father. We will never forget you and will always remember you with your smile and love. Rest In Peace Sylejman Gashi, we will miss you.


Photo above from the early days of 1990s: from the left Sinan Kamberaj, Shivi Maureny (a guest from Paris); Ismer Mjeku, Myself and on the right Sylejman Gashi.