Foreign Minister, Hoxhaj at US Congress: Speaks about developments in Kosova and the region

Washington, March 22, 2017 – On the second day of his visit in Washington, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosova Enver Hoxhaj has continued to conduct further meetings in the House of Representatives and with Senators of American Congress, of the Republican and Democratic Party.
During these meetings, Hoxhaj spoke about Kosova progress on internal consolidation, on strengthening of the international subjectivity, Kosova recognitions, as well as the challenges waiting ahead.
On the eve of completing 10 years of statehood, Hoxhaj has discussed with US lawmakers about excellent relations between Kosova and the United States of America, asking to continue even greater support in this direction, now when Kosova and the region face risks from Russian influence.
Also, Hoxhaj participated in a session of the US Congress where he briefed congressmen, and a much wider audience, about political developments in Kosova, after the visit of these congressmen in Kosova.
On the other hand, today Hoxhaj will participate in the meeting of Foreign Ministers of Anti-ISIS coalition, at the invitation of the US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.