Idlir Koka – Appearances/Shfaqjet

Zeta Gallery will be hosting the solo show of Idlir Koka (1979), named ‘Appearances’. The exhibition will consist in the latest works of the artist during the period of 2016-2018. In these works, Koka deals with aspects of entertainment and show consumption, by putting in the spotlight the spectator that fills the auditoriums. Through an expressionist style, filled with references from the history of art (painting), Koka aims to decipher the nature of the spectacle and its hegemony over the culture of our day, through images. All his works of the latest series, describe the details of human activities within the theatrical scenery and stalls. The nature of the show, along with the subjectivity suggested by the expressionist style, can be perceived like the one of a reality show. Koka creates an internal tension between the narrative of the figural reading and the modern symbols dissolved within. By putting on the focus of his paintings within the theatrical scenes, he enables the perception of reality as a show and vice versa; he discovers the perception of the show as the only ‘official’ reality in the era of the society of spectacle.