In Memoriam: A Tribute to Dr. Agim Leka (1924 – 2018) and Elizabeth Leka (1933-2017)

Offered to their sons Donald and Drini and their spouses and family
Dr. Agim Leka and his beloved wife Elizabeth were an exemplary couple whose shared life personified a brave and pioneering new way of marriage long before it became common  place with today’s relationships. By some special mystery, the two of them embodied and blended together a spirit of ecumenism, humanitarian and social outreach with a commitment to their chosen careers of service to their fellow inhabitants in this world of ours. At the same time, their spirit of collegiality was much more than tolerance, since it transcended their love for their own Albanian culture, its origin and its future aspirations. They were equally passionate about their own heritage as they were with being international citizens of the world, if not of our universe. Educated, charming, articulate and compassionate by nature they have been a singular couple whom we shall not forget.
May their memory be eternal.

Very Rev. Arthur and Margaret Liolin

Saint George Cathedral
Albanian Orthodox Archdiocese in America
Boston, Massachusetts