Letters to the Editor – Albanians fight back, defend Kosova’s independence

Published by The Boston Globe – Letter to the editor, February 22, 2008

Kosova was late rather than “too early”

Ruben Avxhiu

Kosova did not declare its independence too early, as you suggested in your Feb. 20 editorial “Kosovo’s just, but rash, escape.” The opposite is true. Had Kosova declared its independence two years ago, when the Russians barely cared about what was going on in the Balkans, the process would have been easier.
While the move was not supported by a UN mandate, it came only after several desperate calls from the UN mission in Kosova and Secretary General Ban Ki-moon himself said that the situation in Kosova was untenable.
Your proposal to offer Serbia EU membership in exchange for an agreement on Kosova is unjust to other countries who have worked hard to become members. However, the offer has always been on the table, and it is still there for the taking. Serbia’s refusal is another proof of the futility of any further negotiation between Belgrade and Pristina.

New York
The writer is an editor of Illyria newspaper.


A prejudiced and bitterly anti-Albanian “observer”

Peter Prifti

Dear Editor:

This letter is a commentary on James George Jatras’ article, “Outside View: Kosovo issue best left alone” (UPI, Feb. 5, 2008).

Sorry to say, but Mr. Jatras’ claims, charges, and accusations against the Albanians of Kosovo, and their backers in Washington, are pure hogwash — the ranting of a prejudiced and bitterly anti-Albanian “observer”. His analysis of the issue of Kosovo’s impending independence is so distorted, so intemperate, and so illogical that it deserves to be summarily thrown out of court.

I could easily refute everyone of the points he raises in his immature and ill-tempered piece, but that would take several pages, and clearly is not worth the effort. Frankly, I am amazed and shocked to learn that Mr. Jatras was at one time a “senior foreign policy adviser” in the U.S. Senate. He retired not a day too soon.

Respectfully yours,

Peter R. Prifti

San Diego, Cal.

Be Aware of Serbian Myths!

Mithat Gashi

In “Distorting the truth on Kosovo”, Letters, The Washington Times (Jan.23, 2008), Tika Jankovic is a typical example of many Serbs who are brainwashed by Serbian Myths, who believe in the theory of invasions , and who believe that Kosova is the cradle of the Serbian Civilization, and that the Serbs were superior among other ethnicities that made up mosaic Yugoslavia. The Serbian national conscious, deeply influenced by these myths, caused four wars in the Balkans during the 1990ís: Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Kosova. First, the Albanians are direct descendants of the Ancient Illyrians. Albanians never occupied Serbian territories. It is the other way around. The Serbs migrated to the Balkans from sixth century on.
Second, no serious history book backs up the following facts that Ms. Jankovic lists: 50 percent of the population of Kosova was Serbian in 1941, over 200,000 Serbs were expelled from Kosova by German, Italian and Albanian fascists, Albanians terrorized Serbs under Tito; Albanians practiced ethnic cleansing after WWII by allowing immigrants from Albania proper to take over Serbian territories.
Third, historical sources confirm that after Serbia occupied Kosova in 1912-1913, many Albanians were massacred, and expelled to Turkey. Leo Freundlich (1875 – 1954), a Jewish publicist living in Vienna wrote a book entitled, Albania’s Golgotha: Indictment of the Exterminators of the Albanian People*.
In 1937, Dr. Vaso Cubrilovic, a Serb nationalist, presented a memorandum in Belgrade entitled “The Expulsion of the Albanians.”**
I am appalled that a California based reporter continues to believe in myths and presents unsubstantiated facts to your readers. Noel Malcolm, an Oxford Scholar, has written a book worth reading on this topic. Kosova: A short history by Noel Malcolm, an Oxford Scholar.

Mithat Gashi Lecturer,
Lehman College,
City University of New York

* http://www.albanianhistory.net/texts/AH1913_1.html
** http://blog.aacl.com/expulsion-of-the-albanians


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      Congratulations to the editor Ruben Avxhiu for starting a column in Illyria which will become an important reference source for future historians who may wish to describe and record the numerous efforts of the Albanian Diaspora in defense of the Albanian nation.These references would be for ever lost if not recorded in a systematic manner in an known newspaper of the community. I was pleased to read writings of my friend, the late Peter Prifti , in which he once again jumps in defense of Albania emphasizing that religion does not divide the Albanians.