Logo of ad supporting Biden is misleading

Letter to the Editor

I am writing on behalf of “ALBANIAN AMERICANS FOR TRUMP” a legally registered group,
based on Michigan.
For the past couple of weeks, we have noticed a logo under “ALBANIAN AMERICANS
ENDORSE BIDEN-HARRIS” has been advertised on the top page of your Newspaper Illyria.
After our discussion in our group and with the public, we concluded that the narrative of this logo creates a conflict of interest.
We believe that “Albanian Americans endorse Biden-Harris” is not a true statement.
The phrase “ALBANIAN AMERICANS” refers to a community which consists of Americans of full or partial Albanian ancestry and heritage and various political views in the United States.
Thus, such statement, “Albanian Americans [Community} endorse Biden-Harris”, conflicts with those Albanian Americans from this community who do NOT endorse Biden-Harris, especially with our group and our followers who support President Trump.
We kindly request from the publisher, the editor and the Marketing Department, to take actions on the above-mentioned logo, by revising the content or removing it.
We hope you will consider our request.

Valentino Lumaj