Marko Kepi, the best Republican candidate for the East Shore/South Brooklyn Assembly Primary

By Ruben Avxhiu

Marko Kepi is the best Republican candidate out there for the East Shore/South Brooklyn Assembly District.
Yet, he will need all the help he can get for his June 23rd primary as he is facing a candidate supported by the party machine with many big endorsements garnered by misrepresenting the case on the ground. Those who live in the district however know better.
In this situation local Albanian-Americans should mobilize to vote for him during June 21st -June 23rd. Yes, the City will keep the centers open for at least three days, to avoid the lines for those who fear the epidemic.
To find where your voting center is, fill your address here:
Kepi, an Albania-born young US Marine, has distinguished himself in our community as President of the Albanian Roots, an organization that has been hosting the annual Albanian Parade for years now.
People should vote for Marko Kepi, not just because he is Albanian-American, but because he is also the best candidate in this primary.
The New York Assembly seat is been finally vacated by Nicole Malliotakis, probably the worst office holder in the history of this district. She has always considered herself too big for this seat. Always running for something else. If it was not for Mayor, it was for the US Senate. She has always seen this seat a stepping stone to somewhere else.
Now she is finally leaving. To run for something else, of course. However, she still wants to keep the seat hostage, by placing a minion of hers there. She’s a Greek-American, he is a Greek-American. Maybe Malliotakis thinks the seat is her property to give. Well, it is not and she will have the proof on June 23rd.
This seat in the New York State Assembly is a rare channel for the people of East Shore and South Brooklyn to have their voice heard in Albany. Treat it with the respect and the dignity it deserves.
I hope the Republicans in the area ignore the parade of the big-name endorsements from the City, who have no idea what is really happening there and elect for once a Republican who will stand by them and not treat them like a temporary station of their political trajectory.
They can place their trust on Marko Kepi as the man for the job. He has the integrity, the energy, and the courage to stand up and speak up for them.
No one deserves to be used a stepping stone by big-head do-nothing politicians. If any of the local voters will read this, on June 23rd choose dignity and self-respect and show the local political class that no one will take the people of this district for granted. Vote for Marko Kepi!

There is little time to apply for an absentee ballot, if you want to vote by mail, as the deadline is tomorrow, June 16th, but if interested, here is the info:
Fill the application form and it will come to your home by mail.
When you fill the absentee ballot application, check “temporary illness or physical disability” as the reason they are requesting an absentee ballot. (Pursuant to Executive Order 202.15 issued April 9, 2020).
You can find the application form here,
Email it or fax it to the respective county election board of Brooklyn or Staten Island. (email: [email protected])

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  1. Tonin Palushi says:

    I uroj suksese n’karrieren politike shkodranit e shqyptaro-amerikanit Marko KEPI. Zoti e bekoftë dhe ruejt jeten e tij, e bâftë gjithmon punë t’mira, per Ameriken, por pa harrue asnjiher Shqypnin, qi ka aq shumë nevojë per ndîhmen e bijve t’saj mâ t’mirë, per me mûjt me pshtue, prej metastazave të kancerit komunist, t’cilat po e brêjnë perditë Nânen tonë Shqypni.