Nesko Selim will be remembered for his love of life

On July 27, 2017, Mr. Nesko Selim, the oldest son of Bardhonja and Hysen Selim, passed away in young age. Those who knew him well are still struggling to accept this immense loss.
Born in Michigan, on April 6, 1969, Nesko, a son of Albanian immigrants, was raised in a family rooted in moral virtues, pride and respect for Albanian traditions, love for the homeland and their religion.
When Albania became free of Communism, he and his mother Bardhonja traveled to visit the country, nostalgic for their parent’s and grandparent’s birthplace.
He loved Albania so much that he designed an Eagle tattoo on his arm, a symbol of National Albanian Anthem. He proudly displayed his Albanian connection.
Nesko was a beautiful person inside and out, with a great sense of humor. He loved life, adored his family and friends. He loved to travel; he was athletic and an art lover. He had a strong character and was a very brave person.
Even though he was diagnosed with a terminal illness, he never gave up his desire to live life to its fullest. He went on to enjoy every moment and made them count. Even in his deathbed he continued to spread love and peace messages to others.
Nesko spent the last days on Earth, in his home, surrounded by his family and friends, who loved him dearly: especially his mother Bardhonja, whom he loved and adored so much, his father Hysen, and his brother Arben, who was also his best friend.
Nesko will be missed by all of us. We will miss his smile, his energy, his positivity, and his sense of humor.
May you rest in peace Nesko!

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  1. Filor Dule says:

    Our beloved brother Nesko,
    We will cherish all the memories and you will live on in our hearts forever.

    We love you Lesh,
    Filor, Vera, Adrian & Genci Dule

  2. Hatixhe Fama says:

    I pray that the Selim family finds peace in knowing that our dear Nesko Is with Allah and that his love and positivity shine on his family during this difficult time! You will be forever missed and loved!