Night of Albanian Pearls in NYC raises 13K for the cancer treatment of a Kosova director

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Bekim Lumi’s NYC Friends & AAWO Motrat Qiriazi organized a beautiful night of Albanian Music, a special benefit performance featuring the prominent Albanian artists Riad Ymeri, Ergin Oda, Donika Ukshini-Gjokaj, Kushtrim Hoxha, Faton Macula, Lori Miho, Angelo Miho, Bekim Qela, Lorivert Cobo, Arens Leka, Leke Salihu, Shpend Xani, and Taulant Mehmeti
This “Night of Albanian Pearls” included music of various genres, from Albanian classical style romance and opera to Albanian traditional music with a touch of modern composers, jazz and rock bands.
For the first time in NYC, two parts were performed from the very first Albanian opera, Mrika and an aria from Skenderbeu, the last opera of Prenk Jakova, composer and “father” of the national opera in Albanian language.
The concert followed up with “Meet the Artists” session and an auction.
It was held on Monday, March 26th, at the Scandinavia House – Victor Borge Hall on 58 Park Ave, in Manhattan.
The $13,000 raised from the event will go toward the cancer treatment fund for Bekim Lumi, a talented theatre director, international prize-winner, a professor at the Faculty of Arts in Prishtina and a friend of the artists who organized the event. Lumi has been battling cancer for the past two years. He is currently waiting for his next round of treatments in Germany.
Bekim has contributed great deal to the theater, arts and culture of Kosova.
You can still contribute at the Facebook page of Bekim Lumi’s NYC Friends, which is the source of most of this text.