Photo-ops with Trump from New York make news in Albania and Kosova

The leaders of Albania and Kosova posed with US President Donald Trump and their respective wives, during the annual reception that the US leader holds during the opening session of the United Nation General Assembly.
These official photos are which simply routine, were deemed newsworthy in both countries, but for different reasons.
Back in April 2016, Edi Rama, Prime Minister of Albania, called Trump, then the leading candidate in the Republican primaries, “the shame of our civilization.” He also warned that the relationship between the two countries would suffer if he became president.
That’s water under the bridge now. Rama changed his tune after November 8th and is far from being alone among world leaders and diplomats who have been a bit too frank about America’s new leader and who have had to eat back their words. Most embarrassingly, the Foreign Minister of UK, Boris Johnson called candidate Trump as characterized by “quite stupefying ignorance” adding that he would not visit New York, because of the “risk of meeting Donald Trump.” And these are hardly the worst things he said about the man who now as President of the United States.
For Hashim Thaçi, President of Kosova, the occasion had a different value. Trump was seen during the campaign as someone at odds with the foreign policy establishment in US. In Serbia, his criticism of US past international involvement was greeted with enthusiasm and renewed hopes. Nationalists in Serbia see the United States stance on Kosova and the Balkans as an issue of misunderstanding or favoritism, not of one of principles. The rumor of Trump’s connections to Putin, a notorious obstacle to the international recognition of Kosova and of the democracy and western integration of the Balkans, led many in Serbia to expect a change in the US policy towards the region.
It has not materialized.
No serious observer of the international affairs expected President Trump to focus on the Balkans, a region which has almost never featured in his campaign rhetoric. US has remained an important factor in the Balkans in supporting peace, stability, and regional and Euro-Atlantic integration.
The policy of continuation has left Serbian nationalists disillusioned. The same can be said about some from the opposition in Albania who were expecting a payback from Trump’s administration for Rama’s unsolicited remarks during the presidential primaries.
While the official photos during this New York traditional, annual soiree are not necessarily a reflection of US policy towards the respective countries of the leaders who pose with the President and the First Lady, they will be used politically and will be interpreted by spin doctors and pundits to prove or resist domestic partisan narratives.
Both Rama and Thaçi posted them proudly in their social media accounts. Prime Minister Rama posted it in his now regular Photo of the Day feature in his popular Facebook account. President Thaçi posted it as his background photo, on his official Twitter account. An earlier tweet about it has been deleted, probably because of a typo.
To our nations, the continued and unique Albanian-American friendship is important and history has shown that it won’t be affected by who is in power. If it survived the brutal communist regime in Albania, no political or partisan preference will be able to threaten it. (r.a.)

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  1. sami repishti Ph.D. USA says:

    I dashtuni Ruben
    Falemnderit per kete shkrim gazetarie serioze.
    Politika e jashteme e vendeve demokratike nuk drejtohet nga ernat qe fryejne, por ka baza objektive qe rrjedhin nga interesat e shtetit. Vetem diktaturat veprojne me emocione dhe me kapricet e udheheqesve absolut.