Save the date: Albania will have a royal wedding

The Albanian Royal Family announced the wedding date of Prince Leka II, grandson of the fateful King Zog.
“The Albanian Royal Family has the pleasure to announce to the Albanian Nation that His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leka of the Albanians has declared his wedding date with Miss Elia Zaharia to be held on the 8th of October 2016 in Tirana”, said a communiqué from Skënder Zogu, distributed to the Albania media, this morning.
Albania decided in a constitutional referendum, in 1997, to remain a Republic. Prince Leka II retains the royal title but the family has traded the claim to the Albanian throne with the return of some of the pre-war properties and a role in the public life.
Prince Leka II is usually a voice of reason and enjoys a degree of popularity in the Albanian opinion, also because he has been careful not to get involved in the muddy playground of domestic politics. He is also part of a colorful group of royals without a throne in the Balkans, whose family stories vary but have shared similar predicaments. (r.a.illyria)





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  1. Ori says:

    We don’t need a king,he can go out of our country too be a king..Ne nuk kemi nevojë për mbret,le të shkojë të bëhet mbret si gjyshi i tij,larg popullit Shqiptar…Nuk duam më mbretër që fshihen vetë e braktisin popullin…