Ismail Kadare It is a pleasure for me to congratulate the Illyria newspaper as an Albanian citizen and writer, as its reader and collaborator… There are a lot of things for which Illyria can feel proud. One of the most significant is that in a time of passions, often negative ones, it has the merit of remaining uninfluenced and impartial, having only one sacred mission: the liberty and the happiness of the Albanian people. With this mark and this flag, it will remain forever dear and honored by all of us.

(Ismail Kadare – The greatest Albanian writer and Winner of the Booker Int. Prize)
Bob Dole I am glad to see that the paper has been successful in reaching out to the Albanian-American community.
I am pleased that my editorial has received a positive response. Illyria will certainly be appreciated by everyone – including myself – who is fighting for greater democracy and freedom in Kosova and Albania.

(Bob Dole – Former Senator and U.S. Presidential Candidate)
Joseph Lieberman Congratulations for having an excellent newspaper that has brought public attention to the vital issues surrounding Albanian and Kosova.

(Joseph Lieberman - U.S. Senator)
Gjekë Marinaj I personally feel that Illyria newspaper has entered in the life of our community and has brought about a great change beyond any expectation or imagination. Illyria has become a certain “religious” big tent to all us Albanians with no exclusion. If we have a family loss or joy, if we participate in some event, if we want to know more on immigration legal issues, if we want to advertise our businesses, if we want to be in the know on what is happening in the fields of art, culture, social life, and political spectacle of our nation and even if we want read something as a family without fearing of being exposed to inappropriate materials, the most trusted choice is your newspaper, Illyria.  

(Gjekë Marinaj - poet and publicist, founder of the Albanian-American Writers Association)
Arbër Muriqi The ex-soldiers of the Atlantic Batalion were educated and matured by reading this paper and were inspired to fight for the freedom and liberties. 

(Arbër Muriqi - ex KLA soldier)