The Right Choice at the Right Time

Albanian businessman and philanthropist, Lazim Destani, congratulates Rep John Ratcliffe on his confirmation as the new director of national intelligence

John Ratcliffe, new Director of National Intelligence (left) and Lazim Destani.

Congratulations to Rep. John Ratcliffe for his confirmation as the new US Director of National Intelligence.
I have had the pleasure of meeting him in person several times. He has always impressed me for his deep knowledge and excellent grasp of various international and security issues.
A true American patriot, a friend of freedom and democracy, he enjoys the respect of the Albanian-American community and of the American nation.
He is a great choice to lead the US national intelligence and the country will be better and stronger with people like him at the top.
I wish Mr. Ratcliffe all the best in his chapter of his life.

Lazim Destani
Albanian businessman and philanthropist