The scenario for the destruction of Kosova

Nga MRSC. Agim Aliçkaj


Cédric Wermuth: “This is a sad day for #Kosovo and its young generation. Please don’t lose hope. History is on your side. We, the people of Europe, are on your side. We are in this together. “

These very meaningful words from the Swiss Member of Parliament (MP) on twitter were addressed to the people of Kosova. It touched the hearts of Albanians on the 3rd of June 2020, the day in which the compromised Parliament of Kosova in Prishtina, used undemocratic manipulations to vote for the Hoti government, controlled by Lista Srpska.

Consequently, Serbia has managed to infiltrate the government of Kosova officially and powerfully. The Deputy Prime Minister Rakić and his friends control the government, intelligence (KIA), the army (KSF) and the Kosova Embassy in America. Serbs celebrated this victory ecstatically along with supporters of Thaçi and Mustafa. This anti-Albanian action was prepared and carried out by the President (not mine) Hashim Thaçi, directed by Serbian President Vučić, in coordination with the Ambassador Richard Grenell, using LDK leader Isa Mustafa as the main tool. All of them for different reasons (Vučić for Serbian hegemonic interests, Thaçi for personal interests related to incriminating files and corruption, Mustafa as well for personal and corruption interests, while Grenell for career interests) but with the same purpose, to create a puppet government which will be ready to accept and realize the partition of Kosova.

This was preceded by the overthrowing of the democratic government of hope and anti-corruption Kurti-Osmani, as the main obstacle to their goal. In the implementation of their corrupt plans, they were also helped by the Constitutional Court of Kosova, which enabled the creation of an illegitimate government, instead of deciding for free elections in the interest of the people. Among the first steps of the Hoti government was the abolition of reciprocity with Serbia. This decision directly violated the sovereignty of the state and further weakened Kosova’s already inferior position in dialogue with Serbia. Moreover, this has helped Vučić’s party in the elections that took place on June 21st. The scenario of Thaçi-Vučić-Grenell, in search for an easy solution including a possible partition of Kosova, is planned to be carried out during the summer of 2020, the latest by October. In his interview for Fox News, Mr. Grenell admitted that such a plan exists but blamed former national security advisor John Bolton for it.

Everything is expected to be done by using false promises, intimidation, deception, improvisation, manipulations, distortion of facts, false propaganda, various pressures and whenever possible through secret talks. The agreement will be presented as comprehensive with mutual recognition, without mentioning the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Kosova. According to them, this will be the “last chance” to solve the Kosova problem, otherwise America will “give up” on Kosova. Beware Albanians, there is danger of another “invasion” by Serbia. Some of their manipulation tactics will include the following rhetoric. They will say, there will be no change of borders. Instead, they will label this as “determination, adaptation, easy correction or demarcation” which is “normal” when two states need to recognize each other. This, of course, is false. They will insist that this means giving the “necessary” part of northern Kosovo and creating some “zajednica” and extraterritorial spaces, in exchange for some “meadows and forests” in the Presheva Valley. They will try to explain that in the interest of “reconciliation” with Serbia and the creation of a “permanent friendship”, all war crimes carried out by any side, must be forgiven. Do these heartless people know how much Kosova has given for this independence for centuries?! Hundreds of thousands killed and massacred in the cruelest way, perished and raped, burned houses and lost lands! All concessions ended on February 17th, 2008, once and for all. Ambassador Grenell must understand this.

Grenell’s attempt to treat the people of Kosova “nicely” and persuade them to give up land for “recognition” began with the unblocking of the MCC funds immediately after the reciprocity was lifted. In addition, America will help Kosova with other financial means, equipment for the army, police, etc. Along with the development of the dialogue, Grenell will implement other economic agreements similar to those useless agreements related to the air and rail that will “help” the economy of Kosova. This was proven by Grenell’s hasty invitation to meet with leaders of Serbia and Kosova’s illegitimate government, Thaçi and Hoti at the White House on June 27, without EU participation. The scams will continue by promoting Hoti as “very tough negotiator” even though Thaçi will exercise full control of the process. The real leaders that were voted by the majority of citizens of Kosova, Kurti and Osmani, will be deceptively presented as “dangerous politicians whom America does not like.” Efforts will be made to tarnish their personal and family life. All the real frauds will be pushed with unprecedented pressure on the members of parliament to approve the “very valuable historical agreement” for Kosova. After the approval in the parliament, if they see the need to strengthen it, they can put the agreement in a referendum which will be the result of various pressures on the people of Kosova. They will insist that this is what America wants! Do not be fooled. In the expected protests of the people and Vetëvendosje (VV), SHIK’s hooligans will infiltrate to create excesses in order to extinguish them by force and to declare VV an extremist organization, “guilty” of all the problems of Kosova. Serbia and Lista SRPSKA will be “very unhappy” but will accept it with “great pain”.

The next hurdle for them will be to overcome the problem with the European Union, especially with Germany and Chancellor Angela Merkel. Grenell will present the “historic” agreement to them as “a great achievement with the full consent of both parties.” There is nothing wrong with it, the two Germanys have also merged while the Czech Republic and Slovakia have parted peacefully without any problems for Europe! It is unlikely that this will be rejected and blocked by Europe. The last act is the movement and adaptation of NATO troops and the Serbian army to the new situation on the ground. With the entry of the Serbian army into the lands of Kosova, it will be lost forever and will cease to exist as a viable state. By this act, the betrayal of Thaçi and his servant Mustafa against Kosova is perpetuated. For both, the process of destroying Kosova ends, but not for Serbia.

Kosova’s transformation into an unstable and dysfunctional state, for Serbia, is only the starting point for achieving the final goal, its return to Serbia as a province of Kosovo and Metohija, based on UN Resolution 1244, or the final partition with Albania by even securing access to the Adriatic Sea, a long-standing dream of Serbian-Russian hegemony. For this, Serbia has secured the support of another potential Albanian traitor, the Prime Minister Edi Rama. To do so, they must discredit the signed agreement as a temporary and unfair solution for Serbia. Thaçi, exploited and stomped on, would become useless for Serbia, his criminal files will somehow come to light and he would end up in prison. The Serbian people would start with protests, roadblocks and various incidents. They will demand a new referendum. If it deems it necessary, Serbia would eliminate Vučić from the political scene due to Kosmet’s “sell-out”. New Serbian politicians would call for further negotiations until the final destruction of Kosova. I hope that these predictions of mine and others who love Kosova wholeheartedly, prove to be wrong.

All these misfortunes are made possible thanks to the mistakes and misdeeds of Thaçi and the political class that ruled Kosova after the death of President Ibrahim Rugova. They are numerous, namely: “footnote” in the Declaration of Independence, land lost in demarcations with Macedonia and Montenegro, active lobbying for the partition of Kosova, association of Serbian municipalities, legalization of criminal structures in the North, providing amnesty for Serbian criminals, failure to get visa liberalization, failure to protect the rights for our brothers in Eastern Kosova, corruption, endless poverty and the emptying of Kosova. The facts about gradual destruction of Kosova are indisputable. In Albach, Austria, on the 25th of August, 2018, when asked by the moderator whether the final agreement with Serbia meant “border adjustments”, Thaçi replied: “Yes, I am in favor of border correction because we need a peace agreement with Serbia”. Serbian President Vučić, sitting next to him, very surprised whispers to him “don’t tell them” thus and continues to smile ironically until Thaçi finishes the answer. After this, he has the audacity to appear before the people with false utopian statements that he is not giving anything to Serbia, but he is asking for the unification of Eastern Kosova. With this deception of the century his political career should have ended. The question is, why do the Albanian people tolerate bad politicians so much and for so long?



Serbia, aided by Thaçi and friends, worked diligently for 21 years, by spending millions of dollars in Washington, in order to bring Kosova into this very difficult situation, before capitulation. This is the last moment to stop Serbia’s rampage and to break its teeth as was done in 1999. The popular resistance began with the free democratic elections on the 6th of October and the victory of VV led by Albin Kurti and the LDK’s Rugovian part led by Vjosa Osmani. Kurti and Osmani being overthrown with undemocratic means and steeling of power by the corrupt class is a temporary loss. Saving Kosova is still possible.

The first step in saving Kosova begins with removing the most negative and dangerous figures from political power, Hashim Thaçi and Isa Mustafa, as well as to overthrow the “srpska” government and illegitimate Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti. It would be easiest and best if Thaçi would be removed by the real successors of the KLA to the line of Commander Adem Jashari within the PDK, while Isa Mustafa by the real descendants of the line of President Ibrahim Rugova within the LDK. If this is not done as soon as possible, however, before the end of the dialogue with Serbia, then this task belongs to the people of Kosova. All methods of active resistance that culminate in permanent popular protests with legitimate demands for Thaçi’s resignation, democracy, free elections and against the dialogue for the partition of Kosova should be used. Peaceful protests can be organized by Vetëvendosje, which on the 12th of June showed that it has the support and the ability to carry them out in a dignified manner. Although, it would be even better if they were done by student organizations with the support of VV and all other people. In these protests, breaking or damaging private and state buildings and properties should not be permitted. In addition, the protest should not be carried out in front of the US Embassy under any circumstances. It is a symbol of the existence of Kosova and the entire Albanian nation. Anti-American slogans should never be used.

At the same time, the lobbying activities by the strong Albanian diaspora in America, Switzerland, Germany and other democratic countries of importance and influence in solving the Balkan problem must be strengthened and increased. The Albanian-American Civic League in America, led by former Congressman Joseph DioGuardi and Balkan Affairs Adviser Shirley Cloyes DioGuardi, has 30 years of professional expertise and experience in very successful lobbying in Washington. This League could secure hearings in the US Congress, where Ambassador Grenell or other administration officials will be obliged to explain and justify their policy towards Kosova. Serbia has succeeded in penetrating certain White House officials with deceptive anti-Albanian propaganda, by playing the role of the victim, but in Congress this will fail because the facts and the rights are on our side. The League has the right and can very successfully organize mass demonstrations in front of the White House and the UN with demands for free democratic elections in Kosova, against the partition of Kosova, for its recognition of existing borders and full membership in the UN. It has the right to demand the release of Ambassador Grenell from the position of mediator due to erroneous policy and open support for Serbia, it has the right and duty to criticize any American official for political and diplomatic mistakes, which in no way the politicians in Kosova and other Albanian lands dare to do. To accomplish this task successfully, the Albanian American Civic League needs material support as in the 1990s, either today or never.



Now everything is completely clear to the people of Kosova. It is no longer just about the power struggle of political parties. It is about the existence of Kosova as a state and the possibility of losing the freedom. Throughout history, the Albanian people have never agreed to be enslaved, they have resisted and fought with all their might the numerous enemies and traitors of the country. Kosova’s freedom and independence was achieved through war, and should not be lost with dialogue, must not violate the blood of the best sons and daughters of the nation who gave their lives for this freedom. Although the possibility of war has ended with NATO’s entry into the Balkans, the Albanian people cannot agree to the loss of freedom. These long-suffering people have the right to defend freedom by all means, even with armed resistance if necessary. Freedom cannot be given away at the request of a “friend” and does not surrender to the force of the enemy. Kosova and the Albanian people are stronger than Serbia. Freedom is more precious than life!

I would like to end this article with my response on twitter to the honorable Swiss MP: -Thank you very much Mr. Cédric, the support of great people like you helps Kosova in the fight for justice and democracy. Together we will win!


* Member of the Executive Board of the Albanian-American Civic League