To Buy or Build in Brazil?

An Albanian-American investor has all the answers in the dreamy Pontal De Maceio


Don’t miss the next episode of House Hunters International, which features our own Albana Karakushi, an Albanian-American investor in Brazil. In this episode however, she’ll be wearing the hat of a real estate agent.
Her friend, an attorney from Sandy Hook, Connecticut is looking to buy properties in Brazil. Pontal De Maceio is a hidden gem with fantastic potential and Albana happens to know it only too well. I hate spoilers but this could be a good one: with the right knowledge, instead of buying a home, it can be cheaper to buy the land and build it yourself from the scratch.
Here is the link to follow the show.
Or on HGTV, tonight at 10:30 pm ET and tomorrow at 1:30 am ET.
By the way, Albana Karakushi has been a valuable contributor to Illyria, over the years with original and thoughtful reviews and takes on art and cultural topics and events. This episode is a great chance to follow her as she explores this little paradise in the Southern Hemisphere. (r.a./Illyria)