Two Young Angels, Gone Too Soon

This last Sunday, our community lost two young souls in a road accident.
The families and friends of 17-year-old Altin Nezaj and of 15-year-old Saniha Çekiç are mourning their tragic loss. They had a bright future in front of them and did not deserve to go so young.
My heart goes out to all of them. I would like to express my most sincere condolences especially to their parents. May they find the strength and the courage to go through this difficult and painful time.
We are all in shock because we all have children and grandchildren, or relatives of young age, and they are the most precious members of our families and our community.
Whether because of illnesses or because of accidents, some of our best people leave this world too early and it breaks our hearts.
May God bless the souls of Altin and Saniha! And may God give their families the strength they need in time of grief!


Harry Bajraktari
Founder of Illyria newspaper and an Albanian-American community leader